Classic Bodysuit overbust corset
Classic Bodysuit overbust corset
Classic Bodysuit overbust corset
Classic Bodysuit overbust corset
Classic Bodysuit overbust corset
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Classic Bodysuit overbust corset

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How to order a made-to-measure corset:

1. Choose fabric and options ⇗
2. Checkout and pay
3. Collect the measurements and photos
4. Wait for your corset to be made
5. Get it shipped to you!

For more samples of this style see the bottom of the page.

Estimated sewing time – 6-10 weeks (from the date of full payment and providing all required measurements and photos).

To guarantee the best fit and comfort, I recommend starting with purchasing a remote mock-up fitting session.


Classic bodysuit corset - discreet undergarment to wear under evening gowns and cosplay costumes. Has the best bust support and flat stomach. Patterned to your measurements, it provides excellent support and can be used for tightlacing. Customize your order with fabrics of your choice or other options for most comfort and durability.

  • Basic corset has a mix of metal and plastic bones and a satin cord for back-lacing. Solid front is supported by flat steel boning. The inside fabric layer is cotton, basic fashion fabric – cotton satin of in-stock colors (included in price).
  • Select fabric type and preferrable color. I'll send you email with available in-stock fabrics or we decide on ordering special one. Cotton is most basic and comfortable choice for daily wear. Polyester satin is best for shiny burlesque outfits and is more durable. Silk is most luxury material - breathing, long-lasting end elegant.
  • Material like silk sateens, damasks, genuine or faux leather may be above budget and will be covered by additional invoice. Purchasing custom materials may increase production time.
  • Since this shape slightly flattens the bust, for smaller cups I recommend to add built-in foam push-up, completely invisible but adding nice curve.
  • You can request adding front zipper for easier putting it on/off, especially for cosplay and burlesque outfits
  • The corset has laced-in back modesty panel.
  • Please note that flat midbust or curvy overbust top line shape depends on the measurements you take.

How to take the measurements:

Please read the instructions carefully, since 80% of our success is the correct set of measurementsI recommend using assistance for better results. Feel free to ask, if you have questions about the scheme.

Undress till the underwear, use the bra that best fits you and lifts the bust. No pants, skirts, or anything that covers or squishes your body.

Mark the waistline with a tape - it should go horizontal below the usual “most thin” waist level, 1-2 cm (0.5-1") above the belly button. Check your body side - there should be no ribs or hip bones on this level, only soft parts of you!

I need at least two photos of you - front and side, mirror selfie is good enough. No pants or tops covering the torso, lingerie only. These images will never be seen by anybody except me or the sewing team, but I need them to focus on details like bust position and torso proportions. They will also be used to cross-check your measurements and help you to take them correctly. Please downsize those to fit the 10MB message limit.

Send the digits in cm/inch, keeping the numbering:

1. Bust
2. Underbust
3. Waist (larger, than usual, that’s ok)
4. Hip top (on the level of hip bones)
5. Hip
6. Waist to underbust (under the bra cup)
7. Waist to bottom of the belly (covering the belly, but leaving you the ability to sit)
8. Waist to hip top (at your side, between #3 and #4)
9. Waist to breast center (nipple level)
10. Waist to top edge of the corset through the cup (highest point)
11. Waist to top edge of the corset, center front (lowest cleavage point)
12. Waist to top edge of the corset, side (comfortable to your armpit)
13. Waist to top edge of the corset, back
14. Your full height
15. Bra cup size (please mention, US/EU/UK etc.)
25. Sit lenght for bodysuits -  from waist at center front to waist at center back between your legs

Detailed ordering process:

  • Please select style and options you need and add other personalizations in comment box.
  • You can include measurements in the box provided or send them to email 
  • Please check your email carefully, since I'll ask you for photos and additional information, like fabric confirmation. If you ignore emails for 2 weeks, I'll have to refund and cancel the order.
  • In case you want to discuss some details or want to split yor payment into several steps, select "Manual" payment method. Fill contact information and paypal email. After confirming order details, I'll send you PayPal invoice with full or partial payment options.
  • If you want to proceed with payment, select Paypal checkout. It will also let you to pay with credit/debit card without Paypal registration, if you don't have one.
  • Please note, that I do not accept cancellations or returns of custom ordered corsets and lingerie. If you want to be sure in corset fit and comfort, you can purchase mock-up fitting service.
  • Worldwide shipping is provided by Russian Post (tracked or EMS courier), contact me if you need other provider.

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