About Us

Evgeniya Molodykh, corsetmaker and owner of Nemuro Corsets


Hi! I’m Evgeniia Molodykh, private corsetmaker and owner of “Nemuro Corsets".

I'm a small business owner, located in Tbilisi, Georgia. All items you order are created in small in-house workshop by my hands.

I started my journey in corsetry back in 2006, self-educated both in sewing and history of fashion. Starting 2019 I offer custom orders and bespoke service worldwide - with remote fitting or based on your measurements.

Corsetry is a true slow fashion, so expect waiting line and moderate producing speed after placing an order.

Please contact me regarding any questions at orders@nemuro-corsets.com

You can also follow regular updates at https://www.instagram.com/nemuro_corsets/

Legal information:

Individual Entrepreneur Evgeniia Molodykh
IN 322938274
V. Makhaldiani 1a - 16