Please read the instructions carefully, since 80% of success is correct set of measurements.

Undress till the underwear, use the bra that best fits you and lifts the bust. No pants, skirts or anything that covers or squishes your body.

Corset measurements

Mark the waistline with a tape - it should go horizontal below the usual “most thin” waist level, 1-2 cm (0.5-1") above the belly button. Check your body side - there should be no ribs or hip bones on this level, only soft parts of you!

I'll need at least two photos of you - front and side, mirror selfie is good enough. No pants or tops covering torso, lingerie only. This images are never seen by anybody except me, but I need them to focus on details like bust position and torso proportions. They are also used to cross-check your measurements and help you to take them correctly. Please downsize those to fit the 10MB message limit.

Corset measurements

Send the digits in cm/inch, keeping the numbering:

Corset measurements scheme instrustions


1. Bust
2. Underbust
3. Waist (larger, than usual, that’s ok)
4. Hip top (on the level of hip bones)
5. Hip
6. Waist to underbust (under the bra cup)
7. Waist to bottom of the belly (covering the belly, but leaving you the ability to sit)
8. Waist to hip top (at your side, between #3 and #4)
9. Waist to breast center (nipple level)
10. Waist to top edge of the corset through the cup (highest point)
11. Waist to top edge of the corset, center front (lowest cleavage point)
12. Waist to top edge of the corset, side (comfortable to your armpit)
13. Waist to top edge of the corset, back
14. Your full height
15. Bra cup size (please mention, US/EU/UK etc.)
15a. Cup wire width (measured horizontally on your most comfy bra)
16. Desired waist in the corset

    21. Waist to bottom edge for long corsets (a. front, b. side, c. back side, d. back)
    22. Waist to bottom edge for short bustieres 
    23. Strap length (measured between top points of #10 to #13)
    24. Stomacher cut width (between sides of the corset) or width between straps
    25. Sit lenght for bodysuits -  from waist at center front to waist at center back between your legs

    Corset measurements