Shipping, Payment and Terms of Service


Hi everyone! Life doesn't get much easier during emigration, war and sanctions, but we're alive and working hard.

Right now I'm focused on finalizing all overdue orders booked this winter. Please expect delays in email responces, I only check it 3-4 times a week. If you need to check up your order status or get in touch with me online - please DM Instagram nemuro_corsets. If you feel that I've missed your inquiry, don't hesitate to remind me!

PayPal Express Checkout is turned off again. Due to the automatic AI restrictions my account is now blocked with all April income. Please book orders with Custom Payment Method, I'll align with you the payment process. It mostly depends on the ways that are still not restricted for me - despite the fact that I'm registered as a legal business in Georgia and pay taxes here, with Russian passport and no registered temporary residence I'm considered as a high risk person and still have no full banking service.

I'm sincerely thankful for your patience and support. My first orders made and shipped from Georgia are arriving to their owners (Georgian Post is really nice, though costs quite a lot). New stock items are listed in Ready to ship collection for a nice price!

The choice of local fabrics and supplies is extremely low. I'll have to order everything online, in worst cases - even from Russia. Please consider working with fabric selection I have in stock, it's quite impressive though! I'd be glad to decrease it a bit for further relocations, so ask me if I have something special in my stash, because I do!

And never forget. 
Stand for Ukraine.



Custom-tailored corsets are not be exchanged or refunded. If you are unpleased with your corset, please contact me – we will discuss the problem and find a solution.

I am not responsible for fitting problems due to inaccurate measurements, weight gain/loss, pregnancy, or other body changes. The customer is fully responsible for the quality of self-taken measurements. If you are not sure that you will take the measurements correctly, you can order the remote mock-up fitting service. 

All corsets images represented at the Nemuro Corsets atelier website are shown as an example. Cut lines may vary slightly depending on the shape of the customer’s body.

No full refund is possible if you decide to cancel an order after payment. 10% to 50% will be kept to compensate taxes or materials purchased for your order even if I haven't started making item.


For international orders I accept PayPal payments only. All orders are protected by Paypal policies and conditions.

Website prices are in USD.

I do not incur local taxes. Customers are responsible for paying any sales or duty fees incurred at customs in their country. In some countries these can be as much as 40% of the item price, so please familiarize yourself with your country's duty fees, VAT, etc. to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If any errors are occured during payment, change payment method to "Custom" and I'll send you direct invoice.

Payment plan / layaway is available for any order. Select "Custom payment method" when placing an order and contact me to receive a Paypal invoice with partial payment allowed.

I don't work with Russian and Belarussian orders anymore. If you're located in any other country, you can place an order no matter what your nationality is.

If you're located in Georgia, please contact me before payment, since we'll need to align VAT formalities.


Orders are shipped on or before the agreed-upon date, according to payment from the buyer. I ship worldwide by Georgian Post tracked mail or delivery companies (tba later). Mail shipments arrive within 14-60 days around the world. If you need the item by the date of a certain event, please contact me in advance, or choose one of the delivery companies' options. 

If you haven’t received your order or there’s no tracking update within 30 days, inform me and I’ll initiate a search of the package. Mail and delivery companies have overall responsibility for package loss or damage.  

Shipment rates:
- tracked mail: $17-$34, FREE SHIPPING for $600+ orders (please don't add mock-ups)

- express delivery: will be available starting June


By making an order at the Nemuro Corsets atelier, you agree that I receive your personal information including name, address and phone number, and may pass it to third parties such as delivery companies, payment and tax organisations. 

Your private information like photos and measurements is never shown to any person outside the corsetmaking team.


  • Ready to ship corsets are dispatched within a week after purchase.
  • Mock-ups are shipped within 2-3 weeks after receiving full list of measurements and photos. Adding a mock-up fitting usually adds up to 2 months to timings below, also depends on how fast you try on the piece.
  • Basic corsets usually take 4-6 weeks of processing due to order waiting line. Timing starts with the date of receiveng photos and measurements and aligning the style, full payment is also required.
  • Bespoke and embellished designs may require up to 8-12 weeks, especially if I need to purchase custom materials from non-local sellers.


Individual Entrepreneur Evgeniia Molodykh

Tbilisi, Georgia



All photo and text content on my website is copyrighted. Theft or copying are prosecuted.