How do I put on the corset with busk?

Expand the lacing on the back, put on the corset and lock the busk (I recommend first the hooks on the waist, next to the top and bottom). Position the waist slightly below your usual, so it fits under the ribcage. You have two cords at the back - from top to waist and from bottom to waist, overlapped for more smooth cinching. Tighten the lacing on the back slowly, step by step, top-bottom-top-bottom, not more than 3 cm / 1” per turn. Keep the back boning as parallel as possible. 

When you feel like half cinched, bow forward a bit and move your back skin to your bust area through the armpits - it helps to reduce “muffin top” effect and enhances your cleavage. Put your breasts comfortably and then finish tightening the corset.

How do I put on the corset with solid front?

Several options are available:

  • Ask for help. On most events you can find someone to assist and save your time and sweat.
  • Lace it before putting on with very long cord, put it through your head, then tighten the lacing on your back. Some training with the mirror could help.
  • Put it on with back side at your belly, lace up and turn it to proper position. Then tighten properly. 

What lacing scheme is used in my corset?

For most corsets with symmetric eyelets I use two cords meeting on the waist with the overlap. You may lace with one cord from top to bottom, but for best waist reduce the knot on the waist is recommended.

As for the lacing rhythm, you may be used to “cord goes through grommet inside out”. I prefer “cross” scheme where cord goes inside out, them outside in. Each part works like a spiral. This scheme leaves more space for your fingers to catch the cord. But it may cause sides to overlap when they are too close.

For 18th century stays and earlier I use asymmetric 1-cord lacing scheme, which is more period accurate. It can be laced as spiral too.

Why does my corset have a gap at the back?

I construct corsets with 3-4 cm gap at the back between lacing. Natural fabrics may stretch a bit after usage. An you may lose up to 5 kg without having to adjust the corset. 

After a large weight loss you may ask me for advice how to reduce your corset - sometimes it’s possible for a size or two. 

Are corsets harmful?

As any other thing in the world, it can damage your health if you’re using it wrong or too much. 

When putting corset on, focus on comfort and no pain ever. Stop tightening when it makes you feel bad. Check your breathing - since your lungs will have to work in unfamiliar mode, you may have to train breathing with top part of ribcage instead of usual belly type.

Most of the corsets are made of natural fabrics, so they will slightly expand after first wearing attempt. I recommend wear it at home for an hour at least before further usage.

Don’t sleep in corsets! And be careful with alcohol, heat and stuffy rooms. 

How do I take care of the corset? Can It be washed?

Start with avoiding stains. Wear it above the chemise or top, so less body liquids contact with the corset.

If you’ve got a stain spot - use cold water, regular soap and cotton pad. Slowly remove the stain with movements along the fabric texture (top to bottom for satins). 

For more complex cleaning I strongly recommend dry clean service. They usually have Corset price option in bridal section. Only dry cleaning removes deep organic stains, ho handwashing can have comparable effect.

Corsets are not waterproof! Busk, boning and especially grommets can go rusty due to the sweat damage or being wet for a long time.

You may wash a corset, if you need it, but do it fast. Wet it, use shampoo or shower gel to clean it, then rinse as well as possible. Take one big fluffy towel, spread the corset on it and roll it up. Do this 3-4 times until corset is semi-dry. If you have steam iron, I recommend using it as the next step, if you have protective foot cover. Then place the corset on the airy surface like laundry grid or chair back. Let it dry completely, next iron it while stretching to remove wrinkles.

Does the price depend on size?

For corsets themselves - no.

Heavy duty supplies like hard busk can be added as an option. We can also discuss even more boning if you feel that you need it. 

The only case I ask you to pay more if you’d like is when you purchase embellished corsets. For cording extra payment would allow me to make more dense design, same for embroidery. Since the price for them is based on the hours I spent decorating, you may decide on your budget.

Plus size cording and embroidery is recommended, if you have either:
- underbust more than 90 cm/ 35 inch
- long torso (sum of #9 and #7 measurements more than 40 cm / 16 inch)
Extra payment is not mandatory, it means you'll receive more detailed decoration - since the price fully depends on time I spend on handmade embellishments.

Where do you get the patterns?

I create patterns all by myself. Each one is drafted based on your unique measurements. The pattern schemes for historical corsets are based on the ones from extant garments, books and online sources, but remodelled by me so I can make those in literally any size.

You can also purchase a hardcopy of your pattern with the order or request custom one. But I do not provide digital patterns, so it has to be shipped - separately or with your main order.

Are your corsets period accurate?

I do not use historical techniques. No handstitching except for decorations. I prefer sandwich assembly method with strength lining layer even for staymaking. I create period accurate shapes on modern bodies, keeping prices affordable with modern technology progress. If you want me to recreate some specific details, contact me to calculate hourly cost.

Do you make other garments like chemises or drawers?

I only make corsets, padding for corsets and garters to be attached to corsets =) 

Do you take rush orders?

I prefer not to. Due to shipping risks, “rush” for me is “you’ll get the order within 2 months”. Express shipping helps to have more reliable timings, but my own producing capacity is limited. If you need something for the event, contact me to discuss options. But always consider, that it may not arrive in time. Corsetry is a slow fashion…

How soon will I receive my corset?

Depending on the style, you'll get your custom order in 2 months or more. For detailed ranges see Policy page or contact me via email 

All timings start from the moment you’ve provided measurements and photos!

Orders with lots of embellishments usually take longer. If I need to order custom fabric, add at least month too.

Do you offer payment plan / layaway?

Yes. The sewing will start after you pay the full invoice.

What if my corset won’t fit?

First of all, contact me. Customer satisfaction is my personal priority. We find the reasons of mistake or misunderstanding and decide on possible scenarios. Remember, that taking measurements carefully according to my instructions (not the ones you may be used to) is the key of the good fit. If you have doubts, ask all the questions before I start sewing.

Any other questions? Contact me at orders@nemuro-corsets.com