Remote Fitting

Mock-up fitting service

Before the making of the corset itself, we can arrange the fitting of draft piece. This step is optional, but it helps if you are in doubt about the fit or the corset has complex construction - like cupped or bodysuit styles.

You can purchase the mock-up here, but please place it as the separate order for shipping.

In-person fitting
My workshop is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. If you want to arrange the fitting mock-up process, contact me and we will agree on a date and cost. You can also visit me to take the measurements and discuss order details.

Remote fitting
Do you live in another city or country? Remote fitting is your choice. I recommend this option to anyone who orders a corset remotely and wants the best possible fit and comfort.

How does it work?

I make a draft model of your corset from technical materials and send it to you by mail for a self fitting. You do not need to return the mock-up back. After receiving the finished corset, you can rip the draft piece for materials or throw it away.
Corset mock-up fitting

How to try it on?

1. Find an assistant - they will lace up the corset on you and take a photo / video.

2. Strip to your underwear. T-shirts, tights, pants interfere with the assessment of the corset fit. Put on the mock-up seams out, so the bones hug you body at top at bottom.

3. Correctly lace up the corset. In the package you will find a draft mock-up and 1 or 2 pieces of cord. For symmetric lacing (modern, victorian, edwardian styles) use 1st to lace from top to waist and 2nd - from bottom to waist. For asymmetric (16-18th century) or short styles use 1 cord from top to bottom.

4. First fully lace the corset without any tightening. If you are trying on an overbust corset, remove your bra, place your breasts in corset cups comfortably. While the assistant is closing a corset on you, pull the piece a little down so that the waistline sits under the ribs. Pay attention to the centering of the corset in front.

5. Ask an assistant to tighten the lacing. You need to do it evenly and gradually - no more than 3 centimeters at a time. Try to keep the corset bones on the back as parallel a possible: pull the waist as tight as you find still comfortable, keeping the top and bottom gaps at the same width, even if they feel loose.

6. Have you tightened it up? Now check your back. If a skin / fat fold has formed there, spread it through the armpits towards the chest. This will visually increase the size of your bust and make the view from the back flawless. The trick works with the ready corset too.

7. Proceed to the photos of the mock-up fitting.

The more photos you take, the better. For the better evaluation, I need at least 18 photos - 2 of the full look, 8 from the hip level and 8 from the shoulder level.

The assistant should not take pictures of you too close, but not too far away. Each shot should include full corset! You can additionally film a 360-degree video.

Do not raise your hands! Lower them along the body, relax, you can slightly move your elbows back or forward while shooting the sides.

A. Full look from the front and the back, 2 photos:

Corset mock-up fitting

B. 8-photo set from the hip level. The photographer must take a photo while sitting, the camera at the level of your hips.
Angles required:
- front, back
- left side: 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back
- right side: 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back
Corset mock-up fitting

C. Same set from the chest level. The photographer must take a photo while standing, the camera at the level of your shoulders.
Angles required:
- front, back
- left side: 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back
- right side: 3/4 front, side, 3/4 back
Corset mock-up fitting

Collect the photos and videos to a shared folder like Google Drive. You don't need to make a collage! Send link to the photos folder, corrections and your comments to

8. Adjustment of the mock-up.

A. If you feel that the adjustment of the pattern is not required, send me photos and videos of the fitting along with your overall comments.

B. If you understand that adjustments are necessary, but you cannot explain what’s wrong, try to describe in your own words and draw the desired result on top of the photos. Send me clear photo, a photo with notes and your comments. You may note where it feels uncomfortable or doesn’t look as you dream of.

C. If you understand what adjustments are needed, proceed with the following list:
- Adjusting the width. Symmetrically, make an cut in the required place on both sides and either pin the lap of the corset over with a pin, or let it out. Measure the adjustment width with a measuring tape (in cm/inch), write down, take a photo.
- Adjustment of the bottom and top lines. Measure the bottom and top lines. If you need to shorten or lengthen them, write how much for each seam. Take a picture.
- Adjustment of the chest cups. Depending on the style of your corset, pay attention to the fit of the cups. They should fully enclose your breasts, the underwires should not be pinching . If you feel uncomfortable, take a note where and by how much you need me to reduce / enlarge the cups.
- For bodysuit corsets check the sit area. It shouldn’t be loose or cut into your body. Since the mock-up is non-stretch, it should allow you to stay and walk, but not sit. The readymade corset will include elastic piece for freedom of movement.
- If your final corset will include straps, either lace those attached to your corset, or pin the grossgrain ribbon provided as tight as possible, to push up your bust to desired position. Measure the strap length from top back to top front without any subtraction. The resulting corset will have additional strap gap for adjustment.
- Other details. If necessary, adjust and measure any other part, design lines or details position.

Corset mock-up fitting

D. After adjusting, photograph the corset again from the waist, front, back and sides. Please mark any corrections directly in the photographs - draw, outline, sign.

Corset mock-up fitting

You can also make a short video explaining your corrections.

Collect the photos and videos to a shared folder like Google Drive. Send link to the photos folder, corrections and your comments to

Is there something confusing you or seems impossible to correct? Or maybe you want to review the design and add some features? Tell me your thoughts and ideas, we’ll draft the corrections.

For complex bespoke styles two or more mock-up fittings may be requested.

You can also order a mock-up fitting + pattern design service without ordering the corset itself. Contact me for price alignment.