Please find below the description and examples of the options I offer for custom corsetry.


Flossing is both decorative and functional way to finish boning channels. Initially it fixes the bone in place and protects corset fabric from wearing damage. But it also adds unique colorful touch to your corset.

Flossing price depend on its complexity. Regular and Extra samples can be selected from the range below. Artistic flossing designs are not limited to these - you can request your own unique multicolor geometric of floral inspiration.

Corset Flossing samples - Nemuro-Corsets.com

Flossing is mostly used in victorian corsetry, but simple elements can be found in regency stays, and edwardian corsets were often finished with silk too.

For flossing I use thick silk, rayon/viscose or polyester threads depending on color availability.


Cording was really popular way to decorate or stiffen corsets from the beginning of their history. I offer several kind of options for standard styles:

Corded gussets (bust or hips) in regency and transitional stays

    Corded bust panels for victorian corsets, including ventilated

      Full artistic cording of the corset for regency and romantic era, also could be enhanced by handstitched embroidery

        Modern designs with incorporated cording or piping, or other period corsets like 18th century stays, riding corsets and many other styles.

        Busk selection and closure types

        Corset busk is basically hardest front bone in the stays, and starting the middle of 19th century - two-part closure, that both supports the shape and lets you put the corset without taking the lacing out. 

        I also offer zipper front closure for some corset styles, using heavy duty plastic or metal zipper from high quality brands. It may feel easier to use or less visible under the clothes.

        But busk is always more reliable and long-lasting, and I also offer many kinds for those who are interested in colorful of heavy duty types.

        For more details on busk types check  Materials page

          Worked eyelets

          Handstitched (worked) eyelets are historically accurate for all stays and corsets up to victorian period. If you want to spend extra on cute details - I can make those with thick silk or polyester thread (depends on color availability).

          Also it's a good solution for people allergic to nickel, or in cases when grommets are too large for the design. Or even for waterproof / swimming corsets.