Pattern to buy out with a corset

Pattern to buy out with a corset

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This is an opportunity to buy out the pattern with a custom corset you've ordered.
If you want custom made-to-measure pattern without buying the corset itself - use this listing.

"Short" price option is for:

  • underbust corsets
  • corset belts
  • short regency stays
  • 1790s transitional stays
  • bust binders.

"Long" price option is for all other styles.

The pattern is made to your own measurements and selected corset style. It's a physical item - traced to hard paper with marked waistline, signed details, grainline, etc.
No seam allowances added.
I don't offer assembling instructions, but you can contact me to clarify patterns order and direction.

I highly recommend making a mock-up fitting before making the final corset.
Top and bottom lines can have up to 5mm discrepancies during assembling, especially for styles with gussets (I make gusset patterns a bit longer than main pieces), so you'll need to cut excessive bumps and angles when finishing the corset edges.